Fitting the Fight or Fighting Fit

Routines are in shambles, mental health in gray areas and no constellation to navigate these uncharted waters. As the world restarts after a pandemic-caused hiatus, how should we take care of ourselves, our bodies and our mental health?

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10 ways to stop worrying about things that are out of our control, and making the best of what we have.

  1. While I tend to propagate conspiracy theories, I am beginning to understand that there is a major link between believing conspiracy theories and paranoia. Especially visible in recent times, the pandemic was supplemented by a plethora of conspiracy theories: its origin, source of the disease, biological existence or warfare, etc. While we need to understand our whereabouts, being overwhelmed by these theories is just the tip of the iceberg, so, take a break from these theories and consider taking a deep breath.
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  • Anxiety is prevalent in almost all of us, it becomes more threatening when we can’t outrun our innate qualities of ‘flight or fight’. I experience a lot of anxiety, and while different things work for different people, there is a stipulated 16 seconds cycle that often helps me. Taking a deep breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and release for 8 seconds. Try doing this three times ( If possible, do it with a background of the sound of ocean waves or a mediating sound). If nothing else, you will have overcome the 8-second rush that accompanies the fight or flight conundrum.
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  • Don’t deny yourself your favorite foods. I know that you need to eat health and make good choices when giving your body nutrition, but often people are so stringent with their eating habits, they develop a subset of an eating disorder. Which adds more stress and anxiety. Don’t deny yourself particular food groups, just strive for increasing high-nutrition foods, and the rest will come naturally.
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  • Every time you want to have an extreme makeover, or make a major decision in your life, remember, that it is often rash behavior. No change (either good or bad) should take place overnight. It is not healthy and will be unstable and inconsistent on a long-term basis. Give yourself some time and space and then start making changes. Everything in moderation.
  • Any time you decide to open up to someone and they tell you about how people have it worse than you, you are entitled to make better friends and remember that every struggle, every problem and every situation affects different people in different ways. No one can dictate how you feel or react to a situation.
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  • Get rid of toxic influences; especially shiny social media models. The lives lead by social media influencers are mostly funded by parents or third parties, and their glamour is a by product of their entitlement and little else. Real life recovery and betterment is not a solely upward journey, but a roller-coaster; you need to hold on tight and enjoy the ride.
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  • The stress level of a high-school student today is equivalent to a patient in a mental asylum in the 1950’s. This needs to be understood by so may overbearing elders, who think that their children are just being “soft”. The take away: life is too short, you are too great, and these problems just not great enough!
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  • While we are brought closer than ever today, we are often more isolated than we have ever been before. When governments announced “social distancing”, many people protested and petitioned against the usage of the word “social’ and sought to use “physical distancing’ instead. Our glowing screens may be our new best friends, but asserting authenticity is essential, before divulging personal information. If you have friends who live miles away, and you are still close to them; kudos to you and live on! (with a little caution)
  • When you find someone you can bond over even the smallest things with, I assure you, you will find people who like a lot of the same things as you. Don’t lose heart, don’t give up; Facebook Groups and Twitter Lists may help you out in the most unexpected ways.
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  • You do you! (No explanation and defense required)
Don't be afraid to "do you" — Giuseppe Stuto

2 thoughts on “Fitting the Fight or Fighting Fit

  1. The simple me would agree that this is one of the flukes of nature… something had mutated and had spread, we are unfortunate… but this happens…

    BUT, I mean if I were to base it from the turn of events and referencing it with write ups, interviews and the pattern, I say this virus is related to whoever funded the HAARP.

    And yes, my anxiety level is through the roof.


  2. Yes! The research on analysing the ionosphere is questionable and worrying!
    I dont think we should let our mental health be damaged by this!
    Please take care and reach out ( even if it is to a stranger)
    I hope we can communicate in the future as well Janis!
    Cheers and hugs!


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