Life Lessons from Plastic: Our Most Despicable Frenemy

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Hi! I am plast-sick

Amidst the fury surrounding plastics (especially the non-biodegradable ones), arises the need to take away life lessons from one of the most resilient man-made object that can survive and thrive in heat, under pressure, and be molded and remolded into essentially every thing under the sun. So, here are some life lessons from plastic. Keep its usage to the minimum, and make it your North Star.

  1. To be a mug, not a mugger: If you have seen a plastic mug in a bucket being filled up with water, you know that even your most unrelenting effort to drown said mug, will be futile. Under pressure, maximum pressure, and the inevitable fear of drowning, and the mug always sits at the surface, never sinking. Bobbing on the surface upside down, or defying gravity with its extreme water treading, a piece of plastic can give us many pointers on not drowning under a sea of troubles.
NAEST 2019 Screening Test Solution | Pull an Inverted Mug from the Water

2. To be a resilient resin: Try burning it, and it will come out unscathed and you will be left with a putrid smell. Plastic teaches us to be resilient in the face of adversity, and to be so unperturbed by the fire, that the one who tried to burn you is the one most affected.

Resilience and Beauty ā€“ The Enduring Quality of Resin Furniture - Juniper

3. To love yourself even as the “most hated” garbage: Plastic revolutionized the way we drank water, the way we saw the world around us, and then went from being a consumer’s delight to a curse. Yet plastic has carried on in our lives, in more ways than one. From most of our clothes, to utensils, and even houses; it has become ubiquitous. Just imagine, if an object made by man-kind can survive the heat of international disdain, its creator can love herself/himself despite what anyone says, even if EVERYONE says it.

Do You Love Yourself With Your Own Love Language? | Shine

4. To be impressionable, not naive: Plastic (call it PVC, PET, or Styrofoam) can be molded and remolded countless times, yet its basic chemical composition remains the same. Plastic goes by many names and uses, it can be recycled and reused, but despite its configurations, its fiber remains the same. If the fiber of an inanimate substance can stay the same, who is big enough to change our moral fiber?

Street Art ā€” archive ā€” chelsea boos

5. Bio plastics can save the world, so can you: When using bio plastics instead of synthetic compounds, there is a huge scope for long-term utilization. These bio-plastics can save the world due to the energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. If plastic can save the world even after being hated, by being disliked and cast aside, if it can make an actual difference in the long run, imagine what a single person can do. A person whose race created the compound, invented it, innovated its uses, and adapted it to cater to his every whim. Imagine what you could do!

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