6-Word Horror Stories

A while ago, I came across some 6-Word Horror Stories. I tried to do justice to the theme, and have 13 new rudimentary 6-word stories. The 13th one is especially creepy (That’s the World we live in, I guess).

Having said that, 2020 is a really tough year, and with an ongoing pandemic, we all feel stifled, to say the least. Keep spreading positivity and love everywhere. If you do have any creepy 6-Word stories, do share them with me. I will be sure to repost them.

Creepy Wallpapers: Free HD Download [500+ HQ] | Unsplash

  1. Dead, silent, or dead and screaming?
  2. After the accident, nobody hears me 
  3. The teapot whistled and also moved.
  4. The last thing I saw: Headlights
  5. My reflection smiled devilishly at me.
Creepy-Halloween-Photography-Ideas - Corel Discovery Center
  1. My door creaked and opened itself
  2. Opened my eyes in a coffin
  3. Wished for high spirits. They’re everywhere
  4. Self-portrait. Someone else looking at me
  5. Honor the dead otherwise they’ll stay
  6. Nobody on the phone. Somebody’s breathing.
  7. Characters are disappearing in my autobiography
  8. 4 Months of 2020 Still Left!

23 thoughts on “6-Word Horror Stories

  1. I feel like the fifth one could really brew a lot to me concept that can be used for a horror film

    The sixth one actually happens in real life. It’s so scary especially when you’re alone and it’s dark🙁

    Loved every single one though… currently living the thirteenth one♥💔

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