Minus the Maestro

That’s what I love about music, the most banal scene is suddenly invested with so much meaning!
(Begin Again-2013)

Sometimes words are useless; they are not equipped to express fully what our hearts want to shout. All our attempts at finding meaning in music are our ways of making sense of our hearts and the wreckage it leaves in its wake. 

The heart captures our irony as human beings and shows us our fragility and strength in the most bitter moments. It pumps blood, giving life to our existence, yet, causes the most pain. It beats with our loudest moments and with our most secret fantasies and reminds us that one skipped beat can be the end of us.

It reminds us that our most bitter moments can define our lives, our saddest moments make us the strongest, our happiest moments can be snatched away in an instant.

But the heart remains careless; it remains unattached but tethered. Tethered like a fragile boat when the storm makes the seas go wild. Tethered by a frayed rope when huge waves lash out against it. Barely holding on, when high tides overturn a lone survivor shouting furiously, fighting a losing battle, drenched to the bone, a sole boat bobbing on the surface that can survive anything at all.    

We are a love-crazed generation that seeks love, but fears loss. Poor, adorable humans who weather all the storms, who beat on and survive the harshest climates, who put on a brave face even when their hearts make crazy mistakes, and where do we end up? 

Unable to express. Unable to let go. Enveloped in feelings. Frustrated by the heart’s unconcerned behavior.

Beauty and brokenness are the Yin and Yang that make up the world. Between the connection and the isolation, our heart plays games that our minds cannot keep up with.

So many confused souls go through life asking, “should we follow our minds or our hearts?” 

Dil Beparvah will tell you:

l दुनिया गुज़रती रहेगी, टुकड़ों पे चलती रहेगी l

and even if your Dil is Laapata, who said it needs to be one or the other?

Our brains equip us with everything we require for survival, and our hearts hold all the things without which survival is just useless. 

*A piece I did for India Film Project*

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