Reclaiming Happiness

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I think some time in our childhood/ adolescence, we were introduced to the idea that grief is cerebral, sadness is intellectual, and we internalized it in a way that we’ve never let this notion go.

When you’re sitting alone,

When you’re glowering over a bad day,

When you have that one fight,

Do you think back to happier times or the sad ones that stick like chewing gum to the sole of your shoes?

“Being happy is lame.”


I wish I had an answer. I wish I could say that it’s not cool. But, John Green exists and is a landmark for romance now, with his “grief is beautiful” nonsense.

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“But, happiness is naivete. You need to experience things to be better at your craft.”

Who said experiences and happiness are at crossroads?

We have been brought up in a way that “experience” contains implicit negativity.
Not convinced?

“We are preparing you for worse times.”
-How guardians justify your negative experiences.

“You don’t have relevant experience.”
-Companies justifying unpaid interns

“Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.”
-Rita Mae Brown

Grief sells. Negativity sells.
We are spent.

But, if there is any cure to the human “experience,” it is the celebration of small things. It is the eradication of experience as we know it today.
It’s the transformation of experiences to adventures.

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