The Sauce Theory

As I sit waiting for the doctor to call on me, I am forced to look outside. I see those ants scurrying past with their larger-than-life laptop bags and beads of sweat dripping like it’s hot. The ants that give themselves surnames and assume that their purpose lies within those glowing screens. Or rather, we call them moths, those almost-butteflies that stick to lighted surfaces like they give them life.

I digress.

Sorry, The Sauce theory.

If you are one of those people who deigns to eat at their dining table. Welcome welcome, to the sauce theory that is profoundly based on laziness and the human condition of well, miscalculations.

You assemble your meal, the meal that must be accompanied by sauce. Tomato, mustard, mayonnaise, whatever is your poison. You carefully pour out the serving of sauce that you assume will be best suited to the amount of food you’re eating.

Now, if you’re like me, you take an extraordinary amount of sauce (or maybe just the right, perfect amount) but you use it so stingily, so carefully that you dab at the sauce throughout your meal, but by the end, are left with an entire puddle of it.

Let’s look again at the ants, and the sauce. The ants go through life earning enough of the sauce they think will grant them happiness. That will grant them the perfect meal. They save, and act stingy- and by the penultimate moments are left with enough sauce for the food to drown in.

For most people, this sauce is their time. The time they save, but can only spend by the end of their lives. For most, it’s money- the sauce they aspire to chomp down on and hope to accumulate more of, becomes a burden by the end of the meal- not granting the satisfaction it should afford them.

But, for the lucky ones- the sauce is the moments, the adventures, the dreams. The moments they keep putting off, the adventures they dream of, and the dreams that never manifest into reality.

Or, it may mean whatever you want it to.

The only condition: Do what you must, when you want. Don’t wait, don’t overthink, don’t avoid. Lord knows- time doesnt wait for anyone.

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