Know More or No More?

Hello, I am Anshda Raj

Theories, Experiments, Conspiracies and Personal Stories, with several bloopers

Conspiracy theories run our world, whether we are staunch believers or scoffing at them; they are ubiquitous. From rock and roll to extraterrestrial life, conspiracy theories are the result of the personification of events and the response to every fanatical happening.
Further, exploring new theories and experiments and how they apply to our lives today will be an area of interest in this blog. From cats to mice, and the whole enchilada will be understood in terms of how it relates to people today.
To add a layer of humor, some personal experiences and anecdotes are included. How not to choose hotels in foreign locations and parodies of dance videos will be found in abundance.
A student of Media and Literature, here to cater to every unbelievable, quirky or aboriginal theory and reconnoiter in the 21st Century.

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