5 “Pride” Quotes by Powerhouse People/ Gods You Need to Read Now

Traces of the rainbow can be found in every scripture, design or black and white photograph: Plato: The best relationship would be an erotically charged relationship between men.“Pairs of lovers, eromenoi (lover) and erastoi (beloved) could reach heaven even if they did take part in “that desire of their hearts which to many is bliss”… Read more “5 “Pride” Quotes by Powerhouse People/ Gods You Need to Read Now”

Reclaiming Happiness

I think some time in our childhood/ teenagerhood, we were introduced to the idea that grief is cerebral, sadness is intellectual, and we internalized it in a way that we’ve never let this notion go.

Circle of Life

Going around in a hamster’s wheel, Stare at the clock from 9-5; Fear it after…always fear-never feel, Watch a Snapchat story or Instagram Live. That’s the circle of life, baby, Your life fits within a glowing rectangular; No absolutes, answer only to maybe, We want Instagrammable, not spectacular. But, batteries run out… so let them,… Read more “Circle of Life”

To Whomsoever It May Concern

There’s a reason that (I believe) only I can fathom why life and file are phonetic palindromes. I’ve been sick for the majority of my life, my history inscribed in my medical files…

Writers of the World, Unite!

Hello WordPress Fam, Time and Tide wait for none. In a world that expects articulate content in 8 seconds, people who write are often at a loss. In 8 seconds, you can make a reel, but you can’t make something real. So, to acquaint ourselves with the fast-paced world, our paragraphs are the ones that… Read more “Writers of the World, Unite!”

Live and Let Leaf

I was reading “The Last Leaf” by O. Henry yesterday when I realized that so many of us are like the characters we love. In the book, (without giving you too many spoilers) a leaf becomes the reason for someone to live, and for someone to die. Is that unlike any of us? We allot… Read more “Live and Let Leaf”

Of Self, Love & Cynicism

If ever you’ve seen streams of sunlight, Like orange throes disguised as strobes of disco lights; You’ll know they exist for birds to take flight, To dance and sing miles above, blissfully bereft of all frights. <p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Epilogue: The sun shines for you, why not dance in it?Epilogue: The sun shines… Read more “Of Self, Love & Cynicism”


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