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Shot Analysis: Eyes Wide Shut

One of Stanley Kubrick’s most controversial films, “Eyes Wide Shut” is an adventure many people have ventured into in the past, but few have made head or tail of it and been able to wade past the overtones of promiscuity and fidelity.

Reesa: An Indomitable Spirit of Hope

Never again; let it be said that lotuses are the only flowers that bloom in murky, muddy waters. Reesa is the flower that blooms in the darkest waters, the enchanting light at the end of the tunnel everyone should be blindsided by.

Suspension of This-Belief

Albert Einstein had once said that if you understand something well, you should be able to explain it to an 8-Year Old. The oft-repeated problem with Academia is that scholars look down their noses at simple-minded words and explanations. While we miss out on a lot of academic discourses and new principles due to a… Read more “Suspension of This-Belief”

To my favorite inadvertently humorous detective

Winston Churchill had once said, “Don’t take yourself too seriously, no one else does.”If these words were meant for anyone, they were meant for beloved Clouseau, aka, Clueless Clouseau! To Inspector Clouseau, A farcical character, you were the epitome of ineptitude and exaggeration and were written off by your antagonists, even before you began investigations.… Read more “To my favorite inadvertently humorous detective”


he school’s founding father was dead, but he still hated backbenchers. I wish I could scream and tell everyone, but if the backbenchers moved ahead, I might end up missing.

Of Marginalized Women & Power

Since the time of Aristophanes, women and power have had a conflict of interest seldom portrayed with a semblance of verisimilitude. Despite great legerity of mind, an unparalleled command over self, or phenomenal leadership skills, women have been treated as komoidoumenoi ( Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata”) or simply an object of ridicule ( Aeschylus’s “The Suppliants”). Ironically,… Read more “Of Marginalized Women & Power”

6-Word Horror Stories

A while ago, I came across some 6-Word Horror Stories. I tried to do justice to the theme, and have 13 new rudimentary 6-word stories.

Life Lessons from Plastic: Our Most Despicable Frenemy

Amidst the fury surrounding plastics (especially the non-biodegradable ones), arises the need to take away life lessons from one of the most resilient man-made object that can survive and thrive in heat, under pressure, and be molded and remolded into essentially every thing under the sun. So, here are some life lessons from plastic. Keep… Read more “Life Lessons from Plastic: Our Most Despicable Frenemy”

Traversing the Distance Between Saffron and Green | Anshda Raj

Hello, Fellow WordPress friends! Hope you are doing well! Please do like the poem on the website, Traversing the Distance Between Saffron and Green | Anshda Raj, if you like the poem. I have attempted something new, please help me in this endeavor! In a time when even the calmest descend into hysteria, We, as… Read more “Traversing the Distance Between Saffron and Green | Anshda Raj”

The 5 Indian-Origin Pulitzer Prize Winners And Why They Are Relevant Today

Indians have always had their works cut out for them. The 5 Indian-Origin Pulitzer winners prove, at the least, that there are some similarities between all 5 of these nominees. A basic understanding of the winners and what they won the prize for: Vijay Seshadri: His book titled, “3 Sections” is a part cynical, part… Read more “The 5 Indian-Origin Pulitzer Prize Winners And Why They Are Relevant Today”

The Shadows

The lights will be out all over town. I have 15 minutes.
15 minutes, till I disappear forever, or will I?

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