A Fundamental Slow Burner by Melvin Lerner

Melvin Lerner is the social psychologist who brought forth the ” Just World Theory”. Practically unheard of and sparingly studied, the theories proves that we often blame “Cosmic Forces” for the things that happen to us. Essentially, we believe that bad things happen to people because they deserve bad things. We take “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” and apply it (albeit erroneously) in our daily lives. A moral belief that good things happen to only good people is wrongly thought to be the driving force for most of our actions. We thus stick to a narrative that praiseworthy actions bear good result, and often, use it to prevent people from falling out of line. Victim shaming and false glorification of products of nepotism are some collateral damages we bear. This cognitive bias is apparent, every time someone pacifies others by stating “You reap what you sow”.