To my favorite inadvertently humorous detective

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Winston Churchill had once said, “Don’t take yourself too seriously, no one else does.”
If these words were meant for anyone, they were meant for beloved Clouseau, aka, Clueless Clouseau!

To Inspector Clouseau,

A farcical character, you were the epitome of ineptitude and exaggeration and were written off by your antagonists, even before you began investigations. Yet, you were the reason that The Pink Panther was protected, unaffected by the derision aimed at you. From knocking over priceless artifacts to shooting another officer in the backside, you became the object of global ridicule.
And yet, your character gives us the inspiration to never lose confidence in ourselves, irrespective of the circumstances. You taught us to be mindful of only our wits and disregard others’ affectations. Whenever we need a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously, we know that Inspector Clouseau and his slapstick comedy will remind us to smile, and we will learn to laugh at ourselves.
As for Ponton, we all could only wish to have a friend who never leaves us, who makes a simple process of shampooing our hair a melody to behold, and reminds us to be vigilant always and never let our guards down. As for you: through all the mockery, you emerged victoriously, and remain a constant mnemonic that if you don’t live before you die, you’ll die before you live

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