Know More or No More?

AnshdaRNaught: R Naught is the measure of how infectious a disease is. (All the more relevant in the midst of an ongoing pandemic.)

Through this blog, I want to reach as many people as possible, making my imagined R Naught uncountable.To add a layer of humor, it is also a pun on popular social media handles ‘NotAnshdaRaj’ or so.

Conspiracy theories run our world, whether we are staunch believers or scoffing at them; they are ubiquitous. Exploring new or unheard of theories and experiments and how they apply to our lives today will also be an area of interest in this blog. For personifying the theories, there will be several personal experiences and anecdotes, which broadly fall under the category of bloopers.


I am Anshda Raj, a student of Media and Literature, here to cater to every unbelievable, quirky or aboriginal theory and reconnoiter in the 21st Century.

Join me on this atypical journey

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